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FOR 2022

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We Harvest Some of The Best In new Mexico

20 Years Of Experience

The Flying W Diamond Ranch hunting program has been in place for approximately 20 years. We take tremendous pride in how we have managed our game program to enhance the quality of game through:

  • Proper forage and mineral programs
  • Installing game friendly fence crossings and water access 
  • Brush and tank maintenance each year to improve our game habitat

Our bull elk range in scores from 250 to 400, with most averaging in the 300 to 350 range score.

Introducing Mule Deer!

We have worked extensively with the new Mexico game and fish department on our game management and have been granted preferred status on our mule deer hunts, which allows us to hunt during the rut in December and January.


Our Goal:

Our goal is to consistently harvest scores in the range of 150-180. We do see some larger than this, but those are crafty.

For information on these specific hunts, please send an email request for information.

Meet Our Guide!

Top Notch Outfitters

We work in conjunction with top notch outfitters, Brian Newell, who manages our hunts for bull and cow elk, as well as meriman turkey. We encourage any interested hunters to visit their website.