We’ve started running all the hunting through Top Notch Outfitters– Capitan, New Mexico. If you like click to go directly to their website.

The added touch of pride in Flying W Diamond Ranch and the surrounding cultures is best seen in the wildlife management commitment.  The ranch has coordinated a wildlife management program to provide a balance between those who hunt and that which is hunted.  Flying W Diamond Ranch has been a family owned ranch for over five decades and the strong commitment to improve water systems and brush control has yielded some of the best grazing and wildlife habitats in New Mexico.

These responsibilities are all undertaken keeping in mind that a little fun ought to be had as well!  With an experienced and knowledgeable big game hunting guide, you can be assured that your time in the field is well spent.  Whether looking to fill your freezer or showcase your hunting skills with a trophy on the wall, Flying W Diamond Ranch is the premier hunting destination in Southern New Mexico.

The proximity to the bustling community of Ruidoso provides the options that so many guests enjoy; including snow skiing at Sierra Blanca, horse racing, gallery walks or a visit to the Inn of the Mountain Gods for a game of chance or a round of golf on their nationally ranked course.

As you navigate your way through the pastures of Flying W Diamond Ranch, let the view of the majestic Sierra Blanca mountain range in the distance impress upon you the heart of southern New Mexico – an immense stretch of landscape so important to understanding the term “heaven on earth.”

At this time hunting on the ranch is organized through Top Notch Outfitters– Capitan, New Mexico.

Top Notch Outfitters offers New Mexico elk hunts on private land ranches as well as public draw elk hunts. As a well established New Mexico elk hunting outfitter, Top Notch has been providing customized hunting excursions for rifle, archery, and muzzle loader elk hunters since 1998.